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  • 011Tu9QD9g, 0I5RJAgQch 13.10.15

    Our club accepts both bernniegs and advance wrestlers. Are you a beginner in Greco Roman wrestling or are you a beginner to all forms of wrestling? While most of the club members have only a passing interest in greco roman we have a handful who are pretty serious about it and/or have been successful competing in that style. Josh Henson, the club president, competed at a high level in greco roman and a couple Russians in the club primarily wrestled that style in Russia, so you should have a couple experienced greco roman wrestlers at practice to work with you. I\'d say the best way to get started is to come by and try out a practice.-Tom

  • Hv19N8rGTMsy, BG1q85OZvCM 13.10.15

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  • AolL8LO3wO7, nQXdLGZzHYlQ 12.10.15

    Damn, TNA really dprpoed the ball on not letting Daniels win the title, they would have had a Champion for the UK tour but no now Hardy gets to sit around with the title he doesnt deserve anymore and I dont hate Hardy but its the truth.

  • xvzBnMmiKGq1, eSi7a5ur 09.10.15

    It\'s posts like this that make surfing so much plseruae

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