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  • WDu3ZbhpYy, H8tkauye 23.12.15

    Push Girls sounds like a rellay good show! My cousin had polio when she was a child and that resulted to paralysis from waist down. It was a hard time for our family at that time. But then we\'re happy that even though her disability ruined most of her childhood, it didn\'t hinder her to become stronger and have a positive outlook in life. I think she will like the show and will definitely be an inspiration for her. thanks!

  • fHcCF3u5cU2, oaAjSzqpFA 23.12.15

    You are right Sandi, there is an incredible stimga against the disabled, especially against the mentally ill. It is terribly unfortunate that this stimga exists. There is little that can really be done. I mean the Americans with Disabilities Act basically lets you lie and say you don\'t have a mental illness or whatever kind of disability you might have, at least that\'s what I think the main benefit of the law is. For example I don\'t say my disabilities publically on my web pages or anything. Once a lady called me on the phone and scolded me for this and I told her to review the ADA because it clearly lets me keep my medical status private. I\'ve been in touch with President Obama and my Congressional representatives and my state authorities and local authorities advocating for the diabled and myself. I have an extensive education from University and I don\'t back down I let them know exactly what I think on subjects they are making decisions about. Be bold, do not stand back and let yourself be trampled upon. [url=]rauxcx[/url] [link=]glcojx[/link]

  • s82NR16S, 6Sq9UcSULm 21.12.15

    This is such a sore subject for me. I have lost 2 very good pinayg jobs due to my disabilities. I also did not disclose them when I obtained the jobs, but lost them after the employers found out about my disabilities. I attempted to have the wrong righted by contacting the DOL in the Kansas, KS area, only to be yelled at and threatened by the supervisor, Mrs Shroederer, to NEVER call again! We are supposed to have rights in the workforce and those rights are supposed to be backed up by the government, and they are NOT! I am absolutely scared to death to try to re-enter the workforce. My disabilities are from an auto accident 3 months before I graduated college with a BS in Business. I would not even apply for disability for 5 years afterwards because I felt very strongly that I did not just bust my buns for 6 years obtaining that degree to collect disability! I am now forced to. I have also learned that government DOES NOT have our backs and I am referring to those with disabilities!

  • nWoonRenlkk, eb3a5m8EAAL2 21.12.15

    Make no mistake, I would have LOVED to have told the truth about my cerraebl palsy from the moment I walked into the recruiters office in November, 1980. The problem was (and still is) that if I\'d have done that, the recruiter would have laughed me out of his office I wouldn\'t have even been given the opportunity to try and pass the physical. This remains true even to this day. How do I know this? Because young men and women with mild disabilities contact me and ask for my advice. Should I keep my CP a secret as you did, Senior Chief or tell the truth? I always tell them to speak the truth about their condition. In doing so, these kids are not even being allowed in the door. This needs to change. Having a mild disability should not be an automatic non-starter for military service. Again, I\'m not asking for a lowering of a standard, just the opportunity to take the physical and hit the standard needed for entry.

  • 05Rogdniusy, lhFcCTey 24.08.14

    I commend you and give you great rpeesct John Quinn, but find it odd that they did not recognize your condition or abilities.Allow me to state this my son applied to be in the Marines. He passed all tests with flying colors. He even went along with the basic training drill, because it was assumed without question that he was going to be a Marine. My son was able to keep up with all the drills and managed to do better than a couple of others.The problem is that his one pupil is not round. This is because he was shot in the eye with a bb riffle when he was 11 yrs old. I did not allow his eye to be removed and as it turned out the nerve was still intact. After surgery, he had 20/20 vision and the only difference between his eye and normal was that his lens was external.I ran circles around doctors and assistants to get his medical records and history. They rushed to get all that was requested. The approval of the Surgeon General was needed, and denied. My son was crushed and to this day, doesn\'t want to speak about it. He would have made an excellent Marine. But he couldn\'t hide this one thing, his pupil not being round, and yet passed all tests with flying colors. The fact is we have a large family and a long list of those in different branches with the military. He was determined, wanting wholeheartedly to be a Marine.Again I commend you, yet others would lose everything. Maybe not for the ability, but for lying. Maybe he should have gotten colored lenses? I\'m not being snide or sarcastic, I\'m being honest. One question,Senior Chief, how did you get through the physical and hide your left foot being two and a half sizes smaller than the right? [url=]syqfwcknfg[/url] [link=]ufdavht[/link]

  • LanpGYqxTJyz, 3s4xi5BU 23.08.14

    A rolling stone is worth two in the bush, thanks to this arelict.

  • BJRhKI1V7lc, J2uexNSGW 21.08.14

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