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  • ewcdgkdnMr8n, xbyQuWhGN2 11.10.15

    Steve,There\'s one thing I\'d add...I\'ve been on shows where everyone was doing their usmott, and in the end, the lack of a CLEAR SINGLE ARTISTIC VISION meant the show ended up being a confused muddle of gags, chatter, music and noise. Whether it\'s an artist, a writer or even a studio head, there needs to be a conductor making sure this symphony sounds as good as it can sound. Like Walt Disney, he doesn\'t even have to be a guy who can draw, just a guy who can see what\'s supposed to be on the screen and hear how it\'s supposed to sound. Back on my first show, we had some of the best directors in the world (literally) and the best board artists and bg guys, the best music director and voice director. But we had no clear vision, so everyone did his very best work, with no concern for the show itself. There are moments when the best gag is no gag. The best music is no music. The best dialog is no dialog.

  • 0uKPbPhP, 9OusIQLQe6 09.10.15

    That really catrpues the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.

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