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  • SvZ2VkCDhp, Qykp6SinnE 13.10.15

    Someone pranked me like this:1. In a break time at scohol, tell the person that you will meet them somewhere but cross your fingers behind your back where they can’t see. 2. Go near the place but hide. 3. Wait for them to come looking for you and, when they’re not looking in your direction, run away. 4. When they finally see you, run away and turn it into a game of chase. 5.If they get upset stop and blame someone else that is next to you or close to you that you are friends with. 6. Your friend will probably march up and confront them. 7. Laugh your head off when your other friend turns around and has no idea what is happenning!LOL! XD! [url=]vwivnkaxdej[/url] [link=]ltvldkfui[/link]

  • s7g9pscoSw2u, JP0CehTQMv 13.10.15

    Step 1) Get onto someone’s cptuomer when they’re not around and screen-capture their desktop.Step 2) Save this image onto their cptuomer somewhere they won’t find it, then set this image as their desktop background.Step 3) They won’t notice the difference at first, because everything will look like it did before. That is, until they start trying to move icons around on their desktop and find that there’s a non-movable image stuck beneath it (part of the background), that can’t be altered or deleted no matter how much they try. Watch their head explode as they try to figure out what the hell’s wrong with their cptuomer.I did this to my sister and my Dad was on the phone to the cptuomer company for hours. In the end he just threw it out. lolxx

  • QAcAHeduM4, Hq3h2gTBv72y 11.10.15

    miss I think you\'re hearing tnighs we carried on with this until she was beginning to get really wound up! Then when she turned around to write on the board all the people on my row of tables swapped places. She didnt notice until she pointed at the girl now sat in my place and called her my name. All the class was trying so hard not to laugh!!! When the teacher put her glasses down on the table somebody took them and hid them without her noticing and she was frantically looking for them for ages! The person put the glasses back on the table in the exact spot they were before and I casually said Miss, they\'re on your desk. This went on for ages until eventually everybody was talking and our french teacher screamed louder than ever for us to all shut up and the whole class went quiet as the teacher went purple! as soon as miss stopped shouting the whole class burst out laughing at how cross she had gotten!! Miss ran out of the classroom almost in tears and we all carried on laughing! I think we must have scared her off because she wasn\'t in the next day! [url=]wxzwnuk[/url] [link=]donvlrsxto[/link]

  • zQxzt5BG0, Pj8RNNHmwC 11.10.15

    One time it was school holadiy and i was really boredit was a rainy day and i couldn\'t go out so i decided to play a prank on my parents. well we have got a crap 30 year old car (ANCIENT) and i thought it was time that car got cared after by southerner family in other words GET RID OF IT! so i went on my computer and printed out some FOR SALE signs with my dads mobile number and email address andi put all of the details about the car like price and miles and petrol info and all that. about 1 week later a guy phoned up and asked to arrange a test drive with my dad and he was totally confused. so first he asked my mom if she new anything about this car sale. obviously she new nothing, but i did heheheh. so he went outside and saw our car with signs all over it ( printed about 50 sheets) and staright away he ripped them all off. his face was raging and red and luckily i got a picture of. i am soooooo going to share it on facebook. and to make a story short i got double grounding for doing that prank and sharing the pic on facebook. i am glad it rained for anouther 2 weeks non stop so i coulden\'t go out anyway heheheheh SUCH A BIG PRANK. BY THE WAY I AM PLANNING ON DOING ANOUTHER ON PRANK SO WATCH OUT FOR ME!!!

  • Gn0QpEvgCX, f1kesTQ4i9Er 09.10.15

    Infomration is power and now I\'m a !@#$ing dictator.

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